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Hog Roast Sheffield

Perfect Hog Roast Sheffield tender Free Range Pulled Pork Hog Roasts Perfect For Any Special Occasion or event if you’re planning a party in Sheffield and the guests are invited, the decorations are taken care of and the band has been booked – but what about the food? Do you go full silver service and sit quietly around the tables waiting to be served or have the usual party foods, or do you choose Happy Hogs Catering for a fantastic, FREE RANGE Hog Roast Sheffield or barbecue? Nothing beats the aroma of a hog roast drifting through your party – and we’ve found our informal catering is one of the best ways to get your guests talking to each other! Family on both sides will soon be chatting away and itching to get their hands on some of our incredible slow-roasted hog roasts, the the finest quality free range hog roasts Sheffield and indeed the country all piled onto freshly-baked buns and served with home-made apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and crisp, tasty crackling.

If you’ve been looking for Sheffield Caterers then hog roasts Sheffield are the choice caterers for your event, spend just a few minutes clicking around our site and you’ll see why we’re confident we offer the best alternative to the standard fare. We provide a first-class catering service – from canapés and a choice of aperitifs as your guests arrive, to any of our stunning meal packages. Choose from our incredible food selection and put together almost any combination to make your catering completely unique.

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Hog Roasts Menus

Free range Whole Hog Roasts Sheffield Slow Roasted Succulent Pulled Pork.

Lots of Menus Suitable for all Occasions

Hog Roasts are able to go either inside or outside

Barbecue Menus

Barbecue Caterers Sheffield Local Free Range Meat;

Ribs, Brisket, Jerk Chicken, Pulled Pork, Sausage, Burgers

BBQ Catering can be served inside if required.

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Hog Roasts Sheffield Something That Everyone Can Enjoy

With hog roast sheffield we never compromise on our ingredients, preparation or serving at hog roasts Sheffield and we’re confident that we’ll exceed your expectations at every level. From our famous hog roasts menus, barbecues and Big Pan Paellas to exciting vegetarian dishes and even a tea and scones picnic – we’re not like other hog roast caterers – we let you decide exactly what you want and how you want it!

All our hogs are in an elite 1 – 2% quality of total Free Range Hogs Kept in ‘perfect’ free range conditions and all from right here in the heart of Yorkshire. All the hogs are bred, born and reared outside, and bred through a mixture of new and old breeds the ideal mix for producing the finest tasting pork around the meat is marbled enhancing the flavour and succulence during cooking another reason why they taste so good! with hardier skin this provides some of the finest “crackling” you’ll ever taste on a hog roast Sheffield.