Yorkshire Hog Roast Event Catering

Hog Roast Event Caterers

We are professional Yorkshire event caterers, with a dedicated hog roast catering staff. Our Hog Roast caterers use a special Yorkshire cross breed free range pig bred to produce the finest tasting hog roasts around, The Landrace x Duroc sows produce marbled lean meat enhancing the flavour and succulence with the finest crackling ever, assuring that our hog roasts will be the best pulled pork hog roast you will have ever tasted, and locally bred in Yorkshire.

Our Yorkshire based hog roast event catering team can carve and serve your whole slow roasted pulled pork hog roasts either inside or outside, our hog roast ovens don’t spill or spit fat and they don’t emit smoke. They will fit through doors and gates that are a min of 34″ wide. So you can have your hog roast virtually anywhere you like and for vegetarians we can provide some nice veggie alternatives just for them, please email us for vegetarian options.  We can also supply wholegrain buns as an alternative to our white freshly baked buns for your guests, please let us know when booking.

All menus include quality disposable crockery and cutlery

The Hog Roast Feasting Table

Special Breed Hog roast with all the trimmings
A banquet of:
A selection of 4 Italian Meats
Green & Black Olives, Sundried tomatoes and Bread Sticks
Cheeses; Cheddars, Yorkshire Blue, Smoked and Apricot
Breads; Olive, Farmhouse, Baguette, Wholegrain and Butter
Fruits; Apples, Oranges, Banana’s, Grapes & more
Salads: Your Choice of 2 of our Delicious Salads; see menu
A Rustic Selection of Pickles

Free Range Yorkshire Hog Roast & Salads

Special Breed Hog Roast with crisp crackling served in freshly baked buns.
Our own special homemade apple sauce
Sage & onion stuffing

Your choice of 3 fresh homemade salads (v)
Buttered new potatoes with fresh parsley (v)

Vegetarian Quiche – 10%

Free Range Hog Roast & Pork Experience

Special Breed Hog roast with salted crisp crackling
Homemade Award Winning Caramalised Onion Sausages
Crispy Free Range Bacon

served in freshly baked buns
With our own special homemade apple and cinnamon sauce
Sage & onion stuffing

Homemade coleslaw
Rocket and parmesan salad

Hog Roast Arrival

On arrival our hog roast Yorkshire team will set-up the hog roast oven as seen in the pictures above, along with a gazebo-(if required) and trestle tables with linen table cloths and prepare the tables for service.  Your hog roast is carved and served from the special oven/machine that is made for exceptional presentation of hog roasts.  Alternatively,  our team of hog roast caterers can if required serve hog roasts from a special stainless steel serving tray on a trestle table which gives a very impressive presentation of hog roasts.

Hog Roast Service Times

Hog Roast service is based around a 1 – 2 hours of service from your serve time and is dependent on the number of guests, we find this is ample time to serve everyone and for seconds too, whilst complying to the EHO guidelines.  Extended service times are fine and must be pre-arranged.  Once service is complete including any seconds too we will collect in our plates, serviettes and knives and forks.  Please feel free to ask us or email us any questions you may have.

More About our Hog Roast Yorkshire

Hog Roast Yorkshire slow roasted whole pulled pork hog roasts Yorkshire cooked and served whole, the flavour is so much nicer when the hog is cooked a little bit slower and for a little bit longer to achieve this moist and tender state, which is why we always get dozens of comments from satisfied guests telling us how nice it is. We roast to perfection hundreds of hog roasts each and every year and take great care in preparing and cooking all our hog roasts and pride in serving them to our clients and their guests.  All of our free range hogs are selected to suit the numbers they need to feed and by doing this we can keep our prices very competitive whilst always allowing more for seconds for those with a larger appetite, from small hogs that will feed upto 40 to 50 guests right up-to our giant sized ‘Hog Farther’ a massive 100! Kilo hog roast that can feed a small army, and if that’s not enough we can bring another. Hog roasts are simply perfect, from wedding catering in Leeds or birthdays in York to christenings and garden parties in Sheffield, creating both a talking point for guests and a centre piece to any party or occasion all completely mess free as our hog roast machines are completely self-contained and we take our rubbish away with us, and bring everything we require in order to carry out the service of your chosen hog roast menu.  We don’t rush cooking our free range hog roasts, and cook them slowly to perfection to ensure all our hog roasts are succulent and tender, meat that simply falls off the bone with crisp golden crackling, contact our friendly and helpful team today about your hog roast Yorkshire booking.