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Professional Yorkshire event  caterers providing the very best food for any type of event across the Yorkshire region. Event Caterers Yorkshire offer award winning Catering for corporate events, public events and private events like a family party, birthday or wedding catering. We do business catering for lunches and marquee catering for all types of formal organised events and casual parties or gatherings. Our Yorkshire event caterers team of professional chefs, cooks and waiters are always happy to help make your indoor or outdoor event a success.

Event Caterers Yorkshire
Pork So Good it’s Endorsed by Rosemary Shrager

Yorkshire Event Catering

Our Hog Roast Yorkshire Event Catering uses quality award winning hog roasts.  Event Caterers Yorkshire believe that quality and perfection really does matter so here  you can certainly taste the difference with our free range barbecue and hog roast catering the finest the regions seen and home to some of the finest food ever tasted! When we use the term fine food we’re talking amazing free range outdoor reared freedom speciality bred Yorkshire hog roasts cooked to perfection by our chefs. Perfect for any occasion or event we provide free range pulled pork hog roast born and bred in Yorkshire, and our other fabulous types of catering are also perfect for birthdays, corporate events and an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional wedding meal  with our succulent pulled pork hog roast adding a new meaning to the term wedding feast! We guarantee some of the best elite meat you’ve ever tasted and you’ll soon realise why our free range Yorkshire hog roasts are booked for a wide range of events and special occasions.

So why should you opt for Event Catering Yorkshire when hiring a Hog Roast? Hog roasts are all about the smell of sizzling crackling and meat,  it is the closest thing to culinary heaven there is – and we bring out the pure unadulterated flavour of free range hog roasts Yorkshire, the meat enhanced with the lightest of seasoning so you appreciate the incredible flavour of our specially bred pigs. Reared outdoors and locally sourced hog roasts Yorkshire, our pigs produce some of the best-tasting finest meat ever squished between two halves of a bun. We don’t rush our hog roasts – each one is slow roasted to let the meat simply fall off the bone, ready to be served straight into our freshly baked bread buns whether you’re having your hog roast in Leeds, Sheffield or York our high standard remains the same and at really great prices too.

Corporate and Business Event Catering

Our Yorkshire event catering is suitable for any party or event planners who like good food! If the thought of our mouth-watering elite free range hog roast Yorkshire hasn’t made you hungry – perhaps our prices will, we don’t charge more for hog roast or barbecue catering at weddings than any other type of event and we think that you will be surprised to find that our prices are very reasonable with a range of menus to meet your needs and no matter where you live in Yorkshire, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Hull or what your budget is we will be happy to work with you to adapt our hog roast and barbecue menus to suit your individual requirements. Event Caterers Yorkshire Catering are here to offer you the very best catering options possible and now offer as an extra treat for guests smooth and decadent real Belgian fudge from the Gourmet Fudge Co, speak to us directly about this extra option.

Take a little time to look through our site and feel free to email us to enquire or book our amazing pulled pork hog roast or our Yorkshire BBQ caterers for your next celebration!

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